Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mom Guilt.

Somewhere in that pile of pillows and blankets lies my two year old. She's currently indulging in her first ever sick day cartoonfest, not just breaking but completely obliterating our 30 minutes per day rule. The rule, of course, that came about because I was (am?) convinced that otherwise she will never learn to think, speak, read, go to school, make good grades, graduate from college, blah blah blah and I would be a terrible mother.

When, exactly, did motherhood become a competitive game with guilt traps hidden around every corner? Somehow, it seems every choice we make, even in these very early years, could affect the outcome of our children's lives. Marketing geniuses have caught on to this trend and now market education tools to children still in the womb. From the moment they're out, it's cord blood, breastfeeding vs bottle, and cloth vs disposable.

The worst part is, we know what's going on. I know that buying the cheap box of macaroni probably won't hurt her, but I'll spend the extra money on organic just in case. I know most of the decisions I make for them are made with the fear of somehow steering them in the wrong direction or adversely affecting them, but I will continue to do it because that's what makes me a good mom. Not the actual choices I make, but the fact that I care enough to consider what's best.

However, just for today, I say screw you mom guilt. Now, I've got a PBS marathon to get back to. PBS, of course, because otherwise, Sponge Bob might rot her brain.


  1. HA! Love it and can't agree more. I was just having a talk w/ someone about something very similar. Love your blog, Amber. :-)

  2. hey! where are you other entries???

  3. Umm... oops? I'll work on that. Maybe.